Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top Five Reasons to Celebrate the Hauenstein Center

Follow the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies 2.0. In recent months, we have launched exciting initiatives that promise to make 2011 the best year yet for our Center.

1. We are rolling out Leadership U, a comprehensive initiative to help students develop their understanding and experience of leadership across Grand Valley State University. No other Michigan university has developed such an integrated leadership program.

2. We have just unveiled our totally reconceived website -- -- one of the pre-eminent sites for presidential studies in the U.S. Its 600 pages are growing daily and in seven years have attracted more than 25 million hits.

3. Through Ralph Hauenstein's efforts, more civic leaders than ever are coming into the orbit of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies. We are proud that Carol Van Andel and Mark Murray are part of the growing team dedicated to extending Ralph's legacy of leadership and service.

4. On March 15th Grand Valley State University, through the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, will award its most prestigious honor -- the COL Ralph W. Hauenstein Award -- posthumously to Ralph's friend President Gerald R. Ford. This new annual award recognizes men and women whose public service has significantly improved the human estate.

5. The recent addition to our library of the Hauenstein-Markle Espionage Collection constitutes one of the finest espionage and intelligence collections in the U.S.

So stay tuned. Exciting initiatives are under way at one of the nation's premier presidential studies centers.

(A shout out to my staff for their dedication to making these initiatives happen: Brian Flanagan, Kathy Rent, Mandi Bird, and Adam Bradway -- thank you!)

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